Our Approach

I take pride in my new studio. It is organized, clean and most importantly safe. It is as close to home as I can make it.
When someone walks in I want them to be impressed with what they see. Being comfortable with your surrounding will make it easier for you to let loose and achieve what you set out to do.

Our Story

My story starts when I was 16. I started understanding weight training and conditioning my freshman year in high school where I prepared for baseball season. Throughout high school, I became more and more familiar with conditioning and applying it to my craft as a starting pitcher. From there I played college baseball on a full scholarship at Lake Sumter College.

I became a certified personal trainer 15 years ago and since then I have not only gained the knowledge to help people live better lives but, those same people have given me the purpose that I have been looking for in my own.

My wife Dawn Fahey is also experienced in physical and mental wellness. She is the longtime owner of Intuitions a highly regarded massage therapy studio. She has been blessed with many clients and friends just as I have. I break them and she fixes them. Just a joke I use on occasion.

I opened Form and Function Studio December 1, 2017, in a corporate building with help from the Fredrick group. They have been a great support to my success. I'm sure any potential client would be impressed with what I have tried to create here.

My approach has always been that there isn't a single one to just apply to any client. We are all very different not only in the goals we have but the level of ability we possess, the different ways we can learn, what we have been through in our lives, and simply our age to name a few. Every potential client gets a chance to tell me what they feel they are looking for. Do they want to lose weight or gain strength and flexibility? Is it a lifestyle change or a more flexible golf swing? Only you know and it is my job to listen. It's also my job to keep you safe and informed on what is right and what needs improvement. We are also here to have a good time. As we know getting up to workout is not always easy, but when you have a partner you can trust and hopefully have fun in their company it can make the journey a bit more tolerable.

Last but not least my facility is always clean and organized. I want a person to walk in and always be impressed to know that it's the same way you saw it last time you were here. I take pride in my clients knowing that.